Rebranding of Lush

Rebranding Project for Lush Cosmetics I wrote myself a personal brief to fictitiously rebrand Lush. The idea was to create a cleaner identity, and communicate in a calmer tone of voice. Using a combination of minimal typographic and illustrative designs in simplistic and natural green colours, to put across the message of their brand to a target audience slightly different from their current one, appealing to older women and men with a less 'in your face' approach. Packaging design: took on a environmentally friendly approach, using recycled materials and single colour ink for printing to reduce costs and emissions. Copywriting: developed to invite the customer into a calming situation, portraying the vital messages of Lush as a brand, and their values, but in a much less aggressive manner. 3D Model: Created from crafters wood, perspex and modelling clays and paints, I created an interior design layout for a store which demonstrates all of Lush's variety of products but in a more flowing environment with a specific area for demonstrations and experiments, as well as a shelving unit designed with prepackaged bath bombs to reduce the fragrance with in the store, which is sometimes seen as overpowering.
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